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My name is Unchitta. I am a PhD student in computational social science at GMU interested in urban systems, networks, and data science for social good.

You can find my CV here.

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? News and Updates:

  • 7/2022: I am excited to be presenting our geo-demographic research on local family ties in US metropolitan areas at the IC2S2 2022 conference in Chicago this July!
  • 11/2021: Our paper “Layered Hodge Decomposition for Urban Transit Networks” (Unchitta Kan & Eduardo Lopez) has been accepted at the Complex Networks 2021 conference. I will be presenting at the conference in December!
  • 08/2021: Had a lot of fun returning to the industry (thank you Clover for having me back!) as a data science intern for the summer. I worked on building a network-based recommendation system for online food ordering as well as an in-house A/B testing platform.
  • 05/2021: I have been invited to speak at the SIAM Dynamical Systems 2021 conference on our work on co-evolving bounded-confidence opinion dynamics model on adaptive networks.
  • 03/2021: I have been invited to speak as a panelist at the Mathematical and Computational Approaches to Social Justice workshop hosted by ICERM at Brown University. I am very excited to attend as a participant as well.
  • 02/2021: Our article on modeling infectious diseases for young readers is out on Frontiers for Young Minds!

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